We Care About More Than Just Paint

At Painting Today, we offer advanced home carpentry services for your interior and exterior home repair needs. Our skills extend beyond painting. We’re proud to serve as a one-stop shop for multiple home repair and renovation services for our valued customers.

What Types of Exterior Carpentry Do We Provide?

We believe that our customers choose us not only because of our quality, but how we make them feel. Choosing us is a smart, safe, and confident choice. We are solution-oriented and our commitment to our clients is backed by thousands of rave reviews nationwide.

What Types of Exterior Carpentry Do We Provide?

  • Repairing siding
  • Restoring decks
  • Restoring fences
  • Installing railing
  • Replacing rotten woodReplacing trim around windows and doors

We Have Repairs Covered

We provide repair services for all types of exterior woodwork, including shutters, columns, and stairs. Call us today to learn about our exterior carpentry services.

What Should I Do About Exterior Wood Rot?

Rotted wood is a problem that shouldn’t be ignored, as it will only get worse. Places to look for mold include fascia, window sills, window frames, doorways, corner boards, and so on. Wood rot can grow quickly in severity and area affected if it is not treated right away.

Some causes of wood rot include the following:

  • Flashing damage
  • Insufficient caulking
  • A water leak or multiple water leaks
  • Flashing that was not installed correctly
  • Prolonged direct sunlight exposure

Our team at Painting Today can repair the damage. We’ll match the current look perfectly to ensure a seamless match. We provide services for home exteriors, fences, decks, and more. Our goal is to serve you with excellence, emphasizing communication and timeliness.

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